Welcome, dear reader! I hope you will explore my site to learn a bit more about me, my writing, upcoming fun things, and any random musings I happen to post here.

If you visit the About Me page, you can learn more about me and my process, or contact me with any questions you might have. My Solace page, titled after my first novel (which will remain unpublished) will give you a sneak peek at what that story is about. It contains a lot of darkness that I’ve decided doesn’t need to be shared with the world.

This has been a magical journey for me and I am currently workin on another novel. This one will be a retelling of one of my childhood favorites: Beauty and the Beast.

The Belle character is based on my grandmother, so she is tough as nails, but good, kind, and full of love. Several things that happen in the story are based on real-life crazy things she experienced and I’m thrilled to have that built into the story. I hope it does her memory justice.

Thank you for visiting this page. Look around, make yourself at home, feel free to share, and hopefully we will share many magical adventures together!




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