About Me

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In seventh grade I wrote a short story based in science fiction. My English teacher read it and told me that I should continue, stretch it into a novel, and get it published.

Now, I have always loved reading and writing, but that is what first put the idea of getting published into my head. We had a little school newsletter that I had a few poems published in, and that was exciting enough, but then, in 2011 I decided I was going to write a novel.

I know Mrs. White loved my science fiction story, but my heart belongs to YA fantasy. I began my novel with just a few ideas and limited planning, ideas just coming to me as I went. Some of them were good, others, as it turns out, were not.

I asked someone to read the first 150 pages I had written and was told that it was not up to par. At the time I was insulted and hurt, so I put it away for a few years, but when I went back and looked at it later, I realized that assertion had been correct.

During the summer of 2017 I began to feel the need to write again. (By this I mean it was a literal need. It felt like if I didn’t write, the words were just going to come pouring out of my skin.) With this, my story started taking a new direction in my head and I began to plan it out a bit. I started writing and was pretty happy with the writing style I had adopted. It only took me six years to figure it out. Ha!

In one year I had begun my story anew keeping only a choice few original ideas, re-written it a few times, and edited it rather severely with the help of my mother and sister. (Sis, thanks for all of your MANY helpful suggestions and critiques, and Mom, thank you for always being the very best cheerleader!)

My novel is entitled Solace and runs 344 pages and will remain unshared and unpublished at this point because there is very sensitive, triggering material in it. However, I needed to write it for the sense of catharsis to gave me.

I currently live in Upstate New York with my husband, two children, and menagerie of loyal animal followers in a house of chaos. (I wouldn’t want it any other way, though depending on the day, I may say otherwise!)

I work at my local library as a clerk where I also aid in the selection and ordering of both the children’s and young adult literature that lives there. One of my greatest responsibilities there is to create and run children’s programming. It makes my heart happy to give the kids ways to be creative and express themselves.

I do my best writing any time I can find a few minutes of peace in my house of chaos. This is often at night with a cat, a cup of herbal tea, and maybe a few cookies at my side. My very hardworking husband is kind enough that when he gets a little free time he will also try to corral the mayhem so I can sneak off with the computer to do some writing. (He’s the sweetest.) Rain, falling snow, or music help hone my focus and aid in some of my best creativity.

If you visit my Solace page, I will tell you a bit more about my story. Thank you, dear reader, for joining me in my adventures! I hope we have many more together.

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