Solace: A Novel

white string lights

Solace is the completed incarnation of my first novel. As I mentioned on the About Me page, this has been written, rewritten, and ruthlessly edited I don’t even know how many times now, and I feel really good about it. However, while I have pursued getting it published in the past, I think for now it will remain unpublished. It contains sensitive content and while reading it, one of my beta readers was triggered into bad flashbacks. I don’t want to do that to anyone else.

Solace begins in our world with a teenage girl named Kayleigh. She lives in an abusive home and has horrible nightmares as a result. Seeking peace from these nightmares early one morning, Kayleigh ends up saving the life of a wood sprite who in turn owes her a debt.

Kayleigh returns home only to suffer a vicious attack by someone close to her, which unleashes a deadly power that had been lying dormant within her. Unaware of the power and seeking only escape, Kayleigh calls for the wood sprite who pulls her into the magical world of Solacia.

Once there, Kayleigh finds herself facing a toxic relationship and an ancient power who wishes to wield her as a weapon, making the struggle to find strength, peace, healing, and herself that much greater.