How I felt when I reached the end of my first draft!

Good evening Spriggans and Sprites! I accomplished something wonderful today! My husband watched the kids for a couple hours so I could finish the first draft of my ‘Beauty and the Beast’ retelling, “The Rose!!”

Now I will have to edit and refine, but I am excited to do it! It’ll be nice to read it all the way straight through after so long.

My only regret is that I didn’t finish it before my grandmother passed as my Belle-character is based on her and some of the many adventures she had in her life. She read only the first four chapters, though she did seem to enjoy those and the details I’d included just in that little bit.

I just hope that she knows how much love for her went into it. I miss her…but have some really great memories of her to carry with me.

What are you all working on? Have a great night, everyone!



Trying to come to terms with what’s happening to my Gramma.

Some things in life are just hard to deal with and the best way some of us find to sort it all out is through art. I normally gravitate toward writing, but today I needed to draw. I haven’t drawn in ages and I hate that it’s for something so unhappy. And yet, it was still soothing to me. The drawing is rough (lack of practice and kids afoot), and not happy, but I’m sharing it anyway. I hope all you Spriggans and Sprites have a day full of love and light. 💕

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“I’ve fought a good fight, but now it’s time”

“We both know it’s a downhill slide.”

Your words to others, and to me…

I want you to stay.

I want you free.

Your razor wit has ebbed away;

Your words are slurred in all you say;

Your shine has dimmed;

Your body thinned;

And all your joy’s been stolen. Continue reading “Gramma”



Shining beacon burning bright

Lights the way through darkest night.

A light as bright as sun at noon–

But no, the light’s more like the moon:

Pale and fragile as baby’s breath,

A single breeze away from death;

A tiny snowflake drifting down

That lands without the faintest sound.

Continue reading “Hope”