Silent Killer

horror crime death psychopath
Photo by Tookapic on Pexels.com

Each time you breathe,

Those bites you take,

A piece of me

Left in its wake.

I hide away

Inside of you

To watch my prey

And slowly brew,

A potent mix…

Crawling Death.

There is no fix–

I’ll steal your breath,

Or your mind,

Your appetite,

The flesh that binds.

A bitter plight,

Have no fear,

I’ll bide my time

And wait for years

While you live life–

Until the day

I’m strong enough

To make my way

And your life snuff.

What you hold dear,

What you love most,

Will disappear…

You’ll be a ghost–

Living still,

A hollow shell…

Your body ill

And lost in hell.

When you’ve suffered

Long enough,

Escape is offered

Never bluff…

Give in to me!

Draw one more breath.

You’re free of me

Only in death.


13 thoughts on “Silent Killer”

  1. Oh-my-God!!! This made me cry so much and you know what this sounds like? Alzheimer’s!!! This is what it does to you, my Father -in-law has this and it’s devastating to watch this brilliant man who was an excellent attorney in a Manhattan firm is slowly just turning into just a shell of a man and it kills me to see him like that. It’s such a devastating disease for everyone involved. You writing my dear is so spectacular, I feel every single word and I have never had anything move me like your poems and your stories. I hope you realize just how incredibly gifted you are Rose. I truly hope your gift is recognized by the right authors, you are truly an artist sweetheart! Love and hugs to you and your family Rose! 🥰🤗🌷💐

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    1. One good thing about poetry is that it is open to interpretation and different people are able to relate to it in a personal way. I wrote it regarding cancer. I hadn’t thought of Alzheimer’s disease. Fascinating and so sad. I thank you for your comment and perspective,as well as your high praise. All the best with your father-in-law. Hugs to you!


      1. It is crazy how it can be interpreted because I read it as Depression and Anxiety. Beautiful poem, very well written and composed! I had been thinking recently that you should post your poems again, so I’m glad that you did!
        It’s funny too because I also wrote a poem this weekend and it’s the first one I’ve liked in a while.

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      2. That is also an apt interpretation. There are many “silent killers” out there. This one just kept nibbling at my brain until I had to write it. Thanks for saying that about my poems! I am glad you enjoy them. 🙂 I plan on posting a short story later, though you have already seen it. I’d love to see your poem, too!


    1. Thank you!!! I can absolutely see why it would remind you of the one you’d written. Yours is a gorgeous poem. Yours are always so deep and full of love and feeling. Thanks again for visiting my blog and your kind words!


  2. Reblogged this on Rose J. Fairchild and commented:

    Hello Lovelies. With what’s going on in my life right now with watching a loved one suffer with cancer, this is more appropriate than anything my stretched-too-thin brain can create right now. If anyone can send positive vibes, I’d appreciate it. May your day be full of peace and love.


  3. Hello sweet Rose,

    This poem was extraordinary and it made me cry! You are so amazing with your poems and your stories!!! I love you Rose! 💞🌹🥀💐

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