Tough Cookies


A lot of the women in my life are super tough. And not just as a facade. They are truly, genuinely tough as nails. And many of them are also the kindest, most sensitive people I know.

It seems an odd, impossible combination, and yet, put together, they make some of the most beautiful people I’ve ever known. These women have been through hell. Literal hell. And yet, they still have the capacity to open their hearts to others, accepting them, helping them, loving them for who they are. Even when those same people reject them. They’ve lifted up those who seemed impossible to love and helped heal them into amazing people. I wonder if anyone ever helped them or if they had to forge through their troubles alone.

This healing touch has been applied to me, too, but I’m not really here to talk about that.

So these women, they’ve learned the hard way to not let people use and abuse them–through being used and abused. They are not invulnerable now, but they are much more cautious and wary. They understand that even the most charming individual can pose a threat. A pretty or smiling face does not mean someone has your best interests at heart. Perhaps you’ve been victim to one of these real-life villains in the past?

My daughter wasn’t made into a tough-as-nails Valkyrie. She was born that way. Even the nurses at the birthing center didn’t know what to do with her. It makes me laugh thinking about how they tried to take her away for routine testing so I could get  two hours of sleep. It wasn’t long before she was brought back in screaming at the top of her lungs with the nurse saying, “I tried to hold her off! I really did!” And this is how she approaches life. It’s her way or the highway. It’s her world and you’re just living in it. Oh yeah, and she’s the boss, applesauce.

She literally just banshee screamed at me because I wouldn’t do what she wanted right this second. Ha!

The point is, I feel that it’s much more rare for this type of woman to be born so tough rather than made that way through experience. I am happy that my daughter is this way, tough though it may make my life sometimes. I hope it means that she will know better than to let people manipulate her. She’s really sensitive under that screaming, vicious, warrior-princess exterior, but she knows how to stick to her guns better than anyone I know. As long as she trusts herself and always uses her Valkyrie powers for good, she will be a force in this world, and that makes my heart soar. If someone tries to hurt her, I think she will make them wish they hadn’t. (That’s my girl!)

My story is full of tough women, too. I find reading about them exciting and endearing. It makes my heart happy to witness their snark and the vicious grace with which they handle whatever life throws at them. There’s even a character loosely based off of my daughter. I couldn’t resist.

My main character, Kayleigh, starts off much more soft and gentle. She is wounded and it shows. She has not yet had time to create that proverbial scar tissue to protect her and help her stand up for herself. But I have faith that she will, in time, as all of us brave women (and men!) do.

I hope you have a day worthy of a Valkyrie warrior princess. Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Tough Cookies”

  1. I loved the way you talk about your daughter being a Valkyrie Warrior Princess and I know she will make an impact on the world because of her amazing spirit and personality. Thank you again for a heart lifting blog! 🤗


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